Strawberry Shortcake

  • $375.00

Strawberry Shortcake- 1980s Vintage Storybooks couldn't keep little baby cakes. She walked right off the page.She loves Strawberry 🍓 Scented everything and comes with her own bottle to spray her favourite things. She's a lovely story time companion.

Miss Shortcake is made with an Elsie Kit and a 18 inch body.

She is weighted with fine premium glass beading and has a Strawberry scented Angel Silk filling.

She fits Newborn Baby Clothing. 
Her Red Curly hair is painted and then Rooted into her signature style.

Her handmade accessories and outfit are all part of her amazing Adoption pack filled with Strawberry land goodies.

Birth weight  1600g or 3lb 10oz

All of her painting was done using Luminaire Air dry Paints.Matt sealed and fine details such as fingernails and lips have gloss added for realistic shine.

Acrylic Paints, Glass beads,Polyester Toy Stuffing,Polyester rooted hair,Glass eyes,