Pearl Mermaid Blonde

  • $550.00

Mermaid Antoinette. A beautiful gift from Maria Medici to her new daughter in law Maria. This little mermaid is immortal and has outlived the of France. She knows how to Party though and needs a new High Tea companion.

This sweet little Rainbow Tailed baby wears Newborn baby sized dresses and tops. She is 172 of the genuine Limited edition Pearl Mermaid Kit. She has a Platinum Blonde wig Glued and sewn firmly to her head.

Birth weight  4000g or 8lb 3oz

All of her painting was done using Genesis oils.Matt sealed and fine details such as fingernails and lips have gloss added for realistic shine.

Genesis Oil Paints, Glass beads,Polyester Toy Stuffing,Polyester Wig,Acrylic Eyes,