Memory Baby

  • $960.00

Recapture those magical moments you held your baby for the first time.Those first few weeks they change so much. Whether your are grieving a loss or remembering happy baby days. It’s a special bond that never fades.
I can recreate a memory baby with just a few baby photos and specifics like birth length and weight.
If you were not lucky enough to have pictures please send any baby photos of yourself and we can start a conversation.
Details will be painted and carefully crafted, if at any stage there is any kind of style choice to make. Light brown/dark blonde hair.That kind of specific detail,I will message you, every time.
Preserving and respecting your earliest motherhood memories, takes time, skill and precision. These are a premium item and I only work one customers order at a time to ensure you have my undivided attention from start to finish.