Chibby Libby

  • $440.00

Beautiful Chubby limbed Baby Girl.

She wears sizes 000-00 clothing suitable for 3-6 months old.

Libby is a 3/4 limbed Reborn Doll.
She’s 22 Inches long.
Painted in peaches and cream colours giving her a chubby milky look to her cheeks.
Matt sealed to protect her colours and reduce shine. Lips and Nails are tipped with gloss finish.
Chestnut brown slumberland Hair microrooted and glued in place Matching Eyelashes.
Weighted to over 3 kgs.
Baby scented.
Using micro glass beads and filled with toy stuffing.
Rose Quartz Crystals in the limbs to amplify the loving glow this baby gives you when you cuddle.
She is wearing clothes fit for a 3-6 month old baby.
She comes with a generous adoption pack

Includes Outfit, NoSpill Bottle, Nappies, Plush Toy and Birth Certificate.