Alice in Slumberland

  • $250.00

A beautiful Premmie Maisy baby wrapped up in a Handmade Blanket with Beautiful Alice in Wondand themed  outfits & accessories.

All her little features have been masterfully brought to life,
Painted details include warm mottled skin tones, delicate veining throughout limbs and head.
Glossy lips and nail tips, blushing and capillaries and creases.
Eyebrows and lashes.
Send a loved one the perfect gift.

Hair is a golden blonde wig with fringe that has been custom fitted and permanently fixed to her scalp.

Baby scented sachet inside the Doe Suede body.
Fine glass beading will weigh her to approx 500g 1lb 1oz.
Polyfil stuffing and cable ties to keep her snug and happy.