What is a Reiki Reborn Baby ?

 Reiki Reborn babies are lifelike Baby Dolls that send love back to you as you cuddle.

made from the softest vinyl with cuddly cloth bodies. The client chooses the dolls details. Baby Size,perfect skin tone. All these details are created by hand.rooting the hair and delicately painting the minute details in the features to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible.

Using my Certified Reiki Healing, I am intentionally & naturally drawing Reiki to the Reborns as I work.

Cassandra's Reiki Reborn Healing Certificate

Through the consultation process we select a crystal combination to enhance the loving bond and soothing effects of Baby cuddles.

Reiki Reborn Pink Aura & Rose Quartz


I Open a channel for Reiki to resend loving healing energy weekly to each and all adopted Healing Babies. You are welcome to join me live in the meditation session or just know that the Reiki is doing it’s job recharging your reborn whilst you go about your day.

Just like a real baby and any crystal, the more attention you give the more you will receive in return. Dressing and swaddling are great ways to interact and relax. 

New Born Baby Weight
Healing with Reiki is a give and take bond, Embrace your self with a Reiki reborn healing doll. It’s a loving gift of healing for you to nurture & acknowledge the gifts of life

.Painting Reiki Healing Reborn Baby
My work in development is available to view from the facebook page. Finished and ready to be adopted Reborn Babies are available to purchase from this website. Custom Orders encouraged.