Custom Halloweenie Baby

  • $420.00

These are all Halloweenies I can see on the other side just dying to come and help you trick or treat.

  • Vampire Fledgling
  • Zomboy or Girl
  • Frankenbaby
  • Werebaby
  • Ghost Baby
  • Dark Fairy
  • Punky Clown


What fun you'll have.Choices are suggestions and you are not limited to them

Let me know your  preferences. 

  • Sleeping
  • Awake
  • Hair Colour 
  • Eye Colour

Custom Orders Open until 5th Oct. to ensure your little Halloweenie baby arrives in time to get your treats sorted. 

All Halloweenies are made to  20 Inches to ensure you can find some fun costumes and outfits in the regular baby clothes section, in addition to enjoying the full outfits and accessories your adoption comes with.