Baby Myles

  • $420.00

Myles, Native American
By Cassandra Booth

19 inches (48.2 centimeters)Baby Myles.

Native American baby, using my own daughter as a reference. She is part Native Canadian and I know all babies are gorgeous, but when I had her,it was that deep skin tone that really mesmerized me for hours. This little one is ready for a connected life outdoors with camp outs and hikes.Best dressed in Blues and earthy colours.

Myles is made from a genuine kit.
3/4Limb Premium doe Suede body to ensure the Newborn Realness to her weight and proportions.
Permanent heat set paints carefully created her tones and details inside and out with layers of Matt sealant to create a translucent and healthy complexion.
Adorable New born mop of hair in Black and Dark Brown Mohair rooted to be thick and easy to style.
Eyes are Deep Brown with cropped lashes and body is due suede with limbs weighted with fine beads.
Myles Weighs almost 2kg with a very realistic floppiness

scented baby wafers and scented stuffing keep her newborn smell fresh.

Reiki Reborn. fine beads of Rose Quartz Crystals in the limbs to amplify the loving glow this baby gives you when you cuddle. She is retuned every week remotely so her crystals are clear and her loving waves are refreshed from afar.

This is a worldwide service, I love to provide.

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