Rare & Pretty Guarantee.

Posted by Cassandra Booth on

RPCastleThis little badge comes with each and every adoption as our quality guarantee. 

I know that through my early years I must of had few baby dolls.But one in particular I remember as being "The Doll." She came in a fancy cream box for my seventh birthday and I loved and have kept her with me in all the years since. She was one of the few things that made the trip from the UK to Australia when I was 11.One of the things that I noticed stuck with me from that glorious unboxing was the adorable little badge she had sewn onto her dress. It said Zapf and was an assurance that you did indeed hold in your hands the genuine doll.

"The Doll"

When I started making dolls I knew immediately that I wanted to offer the same quality assurance and extra service that I had felt holding my "Susan" for the first time. 

Now that they are here, I love pinning the Rare & Pretty Guarantee to every adoption I send out. It means that whenever your little one travels you can be assured of where it came from.

I am delighted to service previous purchases and as I work on travelling to international  doll shows, it will be a guarantee of  free gifts and big hugs to reunite with dolls who've had big international adventures.

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